CB Teez Tabor, Florida*

6’0” – 199 lbs. – 4.62

Started five games as a true freshman, then spent the past two seasons as a starter before declaring for the draft. Field-side cornerback who typically lines up on the left, playing out of a lot of press-man looks and the occasional snap in off-man. Will go into zones when there isn’t a receiver split out to his side of the field or if opponents line up multiple receivers to his side. Offers a solid combination of height and length for the position, but looked a little bit thinner than his listed weight on tape, which caused him to get pushed off of the spot at the route stem on occasion at the college level. Wasn’t tested much at Florida. Has quick feet and the ability to match an opponent’s release at the line of scrimmage, with what appeared on tape to be enough speed to carry opposing receivers down the field and recover when out of position. Appeared fluid on tape, looking comfortable flipping his hips and sticking with opponents on routes which carried him over the middle of the field. Also seems to have some trouble getting his head around to locate the ball down the sideline at times, needs to be more consistent. However, has excellent ball skills when he’s in position to make a play. As a zone defender, looks pretty methodical, with a fairly conservative approach which was intended to keep everything in front of him. During the games reviewed, was often pulled away in order to create late-developing throws to other receivers underneath; has a good feel for defending screens and underneath routes and will break off of his routes to drive on a spot. The team trusted him to line up in press man with just a single high safety. However, his poor timed speed during pre-draft testing (also ran in the 4.7s at his team’s pro day) will create major questions about his athleticism and/or commitment, and may force him to handle some different roles as a pro. Willing to stick his nose in at times against the run but doesn’t have much stopping power as a tackler and missed a lot of attempts. Also appeared on kick block teams and was asked to rush off the edge regularly as a member of the Gators’ defense. Has some character concerns driven by suspensions for drugs, poor athletic testing, and his personal character in general. Stock at this point is very hard to get a feel for, as he was considered a potential first-round pick at the end of the season but has hurt his stock significantly during the process and could slip as far as the third day.

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