DB Marcus Maye, Florida

6’0” – 210 lbs. – 4.55e

Was a rotational player as a freshman, then stepped into the starting lineup the following year, splitting time between the slot and safety before becoming more of a full-time safety. Thick, well-built free safety with an impressive build for the position; looks more like a strong safety. Lines up in center field on most snaps, but will also come down and play in the box from time to time. More comfortable when he’s playing downhill; likes to come up and support the run. Good work rate and motor in pursuit. Able to work through trash, takes pretty good angles in the box, and is physical into contact. Capable of setting the tone with big hits on ballcarriers, although he’s not a very fundamentally-sound player; relies on exploding into runners with his shoulder rather than using his arms to wrap them up. Coverage responsibilities are generally deep zone shells such as cover-two. Not an elite athlete, but has a relaxed backpedal and enough speed to patrol the deep areas; more explosive when uncoiling into opponents than he is speedy. A little bit slow to diagnose what’s going on; has the ball skills to make plays when he’s in-phase, but doesn’t always put himself in position. Can be caught out of position when the team employs route combinations or misdirection and isn’t fast enough to get back into position. Does some work in coverage when opposing teams flood his side of the field with receivers; looks physical and disruptive at the route stem, although he may make too much contact to avoid getting flagged at the pro level. From an athletic standpoint, might be best working against opposing running backs and H-Backs in coverage at the pro level. Needs to improve his ability to break down in space when tackling wide receivers in the open field; overruns too many spots. Broken arm this past season will require further medical evaluation. A little bit of a ‘tweener who has adequate athleticism for a center-fielder, but who might not be quite the last line of defense teams are looking for in a free safety because of his ability to be manipulated by play design and his struggles breaking down in the open; pro future may be as more of a rangy strong safety, which would take advantage of his physicality and explosiveness as a tackler. Will probably end up going in the mid-rounds as someone who could rotate onto the field in sub packages or even develop into a potential starter down the road.

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