DB Xavier Woods, Louisiana Tech

5’11” – 197 lbs. – 4.54

Has been a highly-productive four-year starter at the college level. Chess piece who lined up all over the field; came down into the box to help out against the run, worked in the slot against opposing receivers, and took snaps as a traditional deep safety. At his best closer to the line of scrimmage and projects as more of a strong safety or nickel defender at the next level. Has good instincts and an aggressive, energetic on-field temperament; frequently ends up around the ball, racking up plenty of tackles. Pretty physical hitter (if not always a consistent wrap tackler) who is willing to come up and support the run despite his average frame; can help set the tone defensively, serving as the enforcer of his team’s defense. Can be a little bit too aggressive and leave some opportunities on the field by overrunning a spot or coming in too fast. Also used as a blitzer off the edge and looks fast when playing downhill, if a bit stiff. The team likes to line him up in the slot opposite opposing receivers; looks good when he’s given safety help over the top and allowed to be aggressive. Gets physical at the line of scrimmage and has enough quickness to stick with receivers out of breaks. Seems to have a good feel for route developments and the ability to undercut routes. Good ability to plant and drive on a spot. Ball skills are a plus; attacks it at its high-point and exhibits soft hands to come down with interceptions. Would probably be a good option for covering opposing backs out of the backfield but was typically assigned to slot receivers in college. Work in deep zones is more limited and consequently more difficult to evaluate; when lining up in the deep secondary, will often cheat up pre-snap and serve as something of a robber, which may be a more suitable role for him temperamentally. Given his fondness for coming up and delivering hits closer to the line of scrimmage, will occasionally let opponents get behind him. Seemed to have some trouble dealing with Taywan Taylor’s speed this year. A defensive back with a desirable on-field temperament, plenty of physicality, and surprisingly good quickness and ball skills when playing opposite opposing receivers in the slot, but who may be a little bit too aggressive to patrol deep zones with regularity. Lack of ideal measurable could drop him to the third day, but has the traits to develop into a nickel defender or potentially a starter.

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