DE Josh Carraway, Texas Christian

6’3” – 242 lbs. – 4.74

Finally became a full-time starter in 2015 after rotating into the defense the previous year; put together two productive seasons to close out his collegiate career. Has solid height for a pro pass rusher, with arms which measured an incredible 34.25” at the Combine; however, has a thin build and will probably be asked to gain some extra bulk at the next level. Played on the left side as a junior but primarily on the right last year, taking plenty of snaps with his hand(s) in the ground and plenty standing up; will probably be seen as more of an outside linebacker at the pro level. Primary value to a team is as a pass-rusher. Gets off the line pretty quickly, with the speed to challenge the edge. Can dip his shoulder and bend back to the quarterback smoothly. Has the initial quickness to threaten opponents with inside moves; good lateral mover who can hop around and occasionally find his way past an opponent. More athletic than skilled at this point; doesn’t have very many moves or counters at this point, relying on his natural movement skills to generate pressure. Tries to avoid opponents and doesn’t really show the ability to convert speed to power. Given that his greatest strengths on tape are his speed, explosiveness, and quickness, may have taken a big hit at the Combine with very pedestrian athletic testing. Not as valuable a run defender due to his finesse temperament. Doesn’t relish contact or engage opponents on a consistent basis; spends a lot of his time staying out of arm’s reach and trying to find free lanes. Lacks the bulk or strength to assert his will, even against opposing tight ends. Pretty patient in backside contain. Able to flow down the line against outside rushing attempts, albeit at risk of being washed out. Will be lured away from the play too frequently versus misdirection. Length gives him an impressive radius as a tackler, but isn’t a tone-setter. Flashes the ability to lock out opponents with his length and funnel runs inside but needs to be more physical in order to do so. Gets his shoulders turned too often. A prospect whose athletic tools, length, and production rushing the passer could get him picked as high as the mid-rounds despite his lack of polish, but who might end up going later because of his lack of bulk, strength, and toughness, and testing which did not confirm his athletic gifts.

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