LB Tyus Bowser, Houston

6’3” – 247 lbs. – 4.65

Rotated into the defense in his first two seasons, then started in his junior and senior years; also played on the basketball team for two years. Has solid size and a muscular build, with arms which measured 33.25” at the Combine; could be asked to gain some additional bulk depending on what role teams envision for him as a pro. Played as an outside linebacker in the team’s odd base defense, lining up on both the left and right sides of the line on a regular basis; might be a linebacker regardless of which defensive front he’s drafted for. Very smooth athlete whose instincts look a little bit raw; takes longer than usual to diagnose plays and misses out on some opportunities because of his indecision. More physical and willing to take on blockers than he is an effective run defender. Uses his length to his advantage and can funnel ballcarriers back inside but can be washed down the line by power. Length gives him an impressive tackling radius, but can be just a step late to the spot when attempting to play sideline-to-sideline. Was asked to drop into coverage more regularly than he was sent after the quarterback; athleticism is adequate for man duties against opposing tight ends and looks fluid and rangy for a rush linebacker when making zone drops. Natural mover who does a good job of flipping his hips and covering ground with his strides. Limited snaps where he’s asked to backpedal but looks light on his feet. Can carry opponents releasing out of the backfield into the flats. When lined up opposite bunched receivers, attacks opposing receivers and can collapse rushing lanes in the screen game. As a pass-rusher, alternates between using lots of stutter-steps and hesitation moves and attempting to convert speed to power with his bull rush. Smooth and explosive, with enough speed to challenge the edge; would like to see him pin his ears back a little bit more. Able to create some push with his bull rush and walk opponents back to collapse the pocket. Flashes the ability to dip his shoulder and bend back to the passer; this may ultimately be a more projectable move than his bull-rush. A better athlete this point than he is a refined pass-rusher, probably because he was primarily asked to drop into zones. Broken orbital bone sustained this season will require medical investigation. One of the most freakish athletes in this year’s class; still needs to develop his repertoire of rush moves and become stouter in the run game, but has the traits to be an every-down player and should be an asset in coverage.

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