OC Ethan Pocic, Louisiana St.

6’6” – 310 lbs. – 5.15

Started one game as a true freshman, then started nine games and right guard and three at center the following year. Was a full-time center as a junior and senior aside from one game started at right tackle this past season. Tall, well-built center with impressive length; arms measured over 33” at the Combine. Well-rounded contributor in the run game; has been asked to block on angles, climb to the second level, and lead the way with pull blocks. Has reasonable quickness off the snap to position himself in front of opponents in the run game; can cross an opponent’s face and hook them. Athletic enough to get to the second level and create problems for opposing linebackers. Works well on double-team blocks. Can help out on a defensive lineman and climb up to secure a block on a linebacker; has some trouble consistently lining up opponents. Gets good leg drive and can generate a little bit of movement. Has a strong grip to sustain. Plays the game with a nasty temperament and loves to finish snaps by pancaking opponents where possible. Athleticism in the run game carries over to his work in pass protection. Has the length and lateral quickness to mirror effectively; in situations where he’s in trouble, has a tendency to grab, however. Despite weighing in at over three hundred pounds, is probably better against penetrators than against pure power. A little bit more of a leaner than a true knee-bender, and consequently can give up a little bit more ground than a player of his size should, especially considering he has a reasonable base; lack of bend can compound issues created by his height, which is taller than usual for the interior. Has a little bit of experience at guard and tackle and could conceivably be asked to switch positions at the next level. Coming into the draft with three years of SEC starting experience and very impressive athleticism for a player of his size, projects as a future starter who could probably play in either a zone or inline blocking scheme, but would probably be somewhat more comfortable in the former, potentially even as a guard, where his size would be more consistent with other players at the position. One of the more consistent, pro-ready prospects, offering the ability to make contributions in the run game early and with the potential to become a solid pass protector, he looks likely to go around the third round and become a starter sooner rather than later.

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