OG Dorian Johnson, Pittsburgh

6’6” – 300 lbs. – 5.27

Started two games at left tackle and one at right guard as a freshman, then transitioned to left guard, where he started the past thirty-nine games. Tall, well-built offensive guard with a somewhat boxy frame; arms and hand measurements were very impressive at the Combine (35.25” and 10 7/8”, respectively.) Inline power blocker with a tough, physical on-field demeanor. Athleticism is relatively limited; more of a “phone-booth” blocker than one who’s comfortable covering a lot of ground. Able to use his strength to turn opposing defensive linemen out of the hole. Has enough power in his hands to knock defenders off-balance with his shove. Capable of attacking the outside shoulder and driving defenders into the dirt. Quicker, more active feet than many inline guards, although that doesn’t really translate to lateral quickness. Displays some short-area quickness when hooking opponents. Makes use of his length with good extension. Pretty active, with the work rate to play through the whistle. Has some responsibility for pulling to the right, albeit with limited range; can stonewall opponents at the line but is more like to threaten second-level opponents in space than to actually secure blocks on them. Has some straight-line speed but will overrun targets. Pretty alert in pass protection, keeping his head on a swivel to locate opponents. Knee-bender. Anchor is good enough to hold up against bull-rushers on a consistent basis; doesn’t get walked back into the pocket although his weight is slightly lower than is typical for his size. Gets good extension and appears to have above-average grip strength as well. Maintains his technique and balance rather than lunging at opponents. A little bit stiff and can be beaten off the snap to either side by quicker penetrators; more comfortable against bull-rushing opponents than against speed. Often relegated to attempting to grip a shoulder rather than walling off opponents completely. Pretty consistent offensive guard prospect who brings a lot of quality experience and an excellent combination of height, length, physicality, and consistency to the position; doesn’t really blow you away with dominant snaps, but was rarely exploited by opponents, getting the job done in both pass protection and the run game. Might be limited to inline/power blocking schemes because he’s not an exceptional athlete, but has the polish and traits to get selected on the second day and develop into a starting guard.

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