OG Isaac Asiata, Utah

6’3” – 323 lbs. – 5.34

Cousin is pro running back Matt Asiata. Was a part-time starter at right tackle in 2013, then split time between both guard spots in 2014 before becoming a full-time left guard for the past two seasons. Very thickly-built lineman who carries his weight pretty well, with an even distribution through his body; arms measured an impressive 33.75” at the Combine. Fires out of his stance low and with explosiveness in the run game. Very aggressive blocker who battles through the whistle and looks to finish off his opponents. Can lock on and keep his legs churning after contact to clear opponents out of the way in a phone booth; good grip to sustain. More athletic than most offensive linemen with his size; regularly asked to pull from the backside and smash defenders in the hole. Looks like a wrecking ball in a straight line. Able to climb up to the second level and engage linebackers. Can let his aggression get the best of him and frequently bends at the waist or lunges at opponents; needs to be more patient and play with more consistent leverage. Has a tendency to lower his head into contact, causing him to whiff at times. Doesn’t always use his arms; relies too heavily on his mass. Ends up on the ground more often than he should. Alert in pass protection. Keeps his head on a swivel and seeks out opponents to block. Has the power to knock opposing rushers off-balance. Very comfortable anchoring against power; has a thick lower body which allows him to hold his ground versus the bull rush. Mass provides a natural obstacle for quicker opponents. The team often utilized his surprising movement skills by asking him to get out in front of screens. Can be a little bit of a leaner at times; doesn’t always get full extension with his arms. Would benefit from being a little bit more patient and letting opponents come into striking range rather than charging into them; balance issues in the run game carry over onto passing downs, and aggression can also cause him to miss opportunities to pick up delayed blitzes. Has problems with his leverage and technique, but has the brute force and nastiness to dominate opponents with power and is also an underrated athlete who can pull and lead the way on rushing attempts and screens. Plus temperament and physical attributes could make him a starter in an inline scheme.

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