OT Conor McDermott, UCLA

6’8” – 307 lbs. – 5.18

High-school basketball player who spent over two years developing his football skills before starting seven games at left tackle in 2014 and reprising his role with the first team in the following two seasons. Very tall lineman who carries his weight well and who boasts arms which measured 34.75” at the Combine; somewhat top-heavy build. Has a more finesse skillset but plays with a gritty temperament. Does a lot of blocking on angles in the run game and works hard to battle through the whistle. Able to generate some movement when he blocks down on an opponent and attacks their outside shoulder. Keeps his legs churning to create movement after contact and has big eleven-inch hands which help him to sustain. Finishes when he has the opportunity to. More of a “phone booth” blocker who wasn’t asked to do a lot of pulling or climb to the second level on a regular basis. Has some trouble getting low enough to win the leverage battle. Needs to do a better job of maximizing his length and getting his hands inside. More physical than powerful at this point and teams may want him to gain additional bulk, especially if they see him as a candidate to convert to right tackle. Relies more on his size and width than on athleticism as a pass protector, but has enough lateral agility to protect the edge reasonably well against speed. Technically sound in his pass sets; knee bender who can keep his back straight when taking on opponents. Plays with a wide base and has a reasonable anchor to absorb bull-rushes; doesn’t always stonewall opponents at the line but can usually recover before being walked back to the quarterback. Flashes the ability to lock his arms out and sustain against opponents. However, lets too many players into his body at this point and is more likely to catch an opposing rusher. Doesn’t have the power in his upper body to jolt opponents with his punch. Forced to progressively forego his technique to defend against explosive opponents on the edge. Lack of experience at other positions will steepen his learning curve if asked to transition to the right side; probably too tall to paly guard. A very big left tackle who plays with light enough feet and good enough technique to groom for a potential blindside role at the pro level, but who might need to add some additional bulk in order to create movement in the run game. Looks like a mid-round pick.

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