OT Dan Skipper, Arkansas

6’10” – 309 lbs. – 5.42

Has a basketball background. Started eight games at guard as a freshman, then transitioned to left tackle and started the next thirty-nine games there. Will also shift over to the right side of the formation for a few plays per game. Incredibly tall collegiate left tackle, albeit with the bulk and length (arms measuring just under 33.5”) of a smaller player. Doesn’t play with the technique expected for someone who started nearly four years in the SEC. Works hard to lead the way when asked to pull for screens or rushing attempts. Looks more athletic in a straight line than anticipated for a player of his size. Can generate some push when he’s down-blocking against opponents to seal them inside. Presents a big natural obstacle as a wall-off blocker. Gets extension with his arms from time to time and works to stick with his man. However, doesn’t get low enough to win the leverage battle, and is often content to merely wall off opponents. Not a very nasty player and doesn’t work his hands into the game consistently or effectively. Awkward in terms of his overall movement skills and balance. Very susceptible to allowing penetration to either side against quick opponents in pass protection. Has a tendency to lower his head into contact. Often tries to throw a shoulder at opponents rather than engaging them with his arms. Despite his height, doesn’t have a lot of length and needs to abandon his technique in order to try and steer opponents wide of the pocket; can be run around by speed rushers. Often loses the leverage battle and can let defenders get under his pads and walk him back into the pocket. Does have some ability to kickslide and bend at the knees against relatively straightforward pass rushers, but looks hunched and awkward. Also has value blocking kicks on special teams which may ultimately represent his primary contributions at the pro level. Offers outstanding height and comes with plenty of starting experience in the SEC between left tackle and guard, but that experience doesn’t show in his technique; height is probably more of a liability than anything by preventing him from winning the leverage battle. Could end up getting drafted late as a project, but may struggle to work his way onto a team; only chance as a pro may come as a right tackle, as he is probably too tall to slide inside.

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