OT Garett Bolles, Utah*

6’5” – 297 lbs. – 4.95

Originally attended Snow College, then transferred to Utah and spent one season there before declaring for the draft. Has solid height, long limbs (arms measured 34”), and carries his weight well, although he may be asked to add more bulk/functional strength to his frame. Plays left tackle in the team’s zone-blocking scheme; asked to do a lot of pulling and climbing to the second level. Finesse skillset with a physical temperament. Still raw, but is a very athletic player with an aggressive temperament; rangy with a good work rate and active hands. Able to block down and seal opponents inside. Keeps legs churning after contact and can create push at the second level. Regularly asked to pull, especially to the right; can reach second-level defenders and smash them to create big rushing lanes for ballcarriers. Quick enough to cross a defender’s face and hook them. Has occasional trouble lining up moving targets and will whiff on some blocks in space. Struggles with balance, lowering his head or lunging in an attempt to reach opponents; can get ragdolled at times. Ability to sustain is just average. Not a particularly strong player and can be overwhelmed by powerful opponents. Was trusted to protect the edge without much help. Has good length, a pretty natural kickslide, and can cover plenty of ground in pass protection; should be able to protect the edge at the pro level in terms of his lateral quickness. Gets set up quickly and is an accurate puncher with quick hands. Plays with a wide base, but could do a better job of straightening his back. Keeps his head on a swivel, scanning the field for opponents to block. Has a decent anchor but can be jolted by power. Ends up on the ground more often than usual. Most of his flaws are technical/fundamental errors rather than mental mistakes. Overaged and will be twenty-five years old this season. Character will also require evaluation, having been suspended or kicked out of five schools as a teenager and having been involved with drugs. Spent time in jail, was kicked out of his parents’ house and adopted by another family. Seems to have turned his life around since and is now married with a child. A candidate to be the first offensive lineman selected, he is probably the most athletic blocker in this year’s class and could develop into a quality left tackle in a zone-blocking scheme. That said, despite being older than most prospects he still needs to develop his body and game somewhat significantly, making him a somewhat risky choice.

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