OT Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin

6’6” – 310 lbs. – 5.20e

Began his collegiate career in Division III, then transferred to a satellite school of the University of Wisconsin before starting at left tackle for the Badgers in 2016. Tall with solid bulk and length and hands which measured nearly eleven inches at the Combine. Was asked to handle various different responsibilities on rushing downs; just as comfortable pestering defenders at the second level as he is at down-blocking or drive-blocking opponents. Could fit in either type of blocking scheme. Offers an attractive combination of physicality and aggression. Comes out of his stance low, especially given his size. Above-average play strength with the ability to generate movement. Works through the whistle to put opponents in the dirt. Athletic enough to chip one defender and climb to the second level to secure another block. Can cross an opponent’s face and hook them. Looks fast in a straight line. Plays with a wide base and good extension in pass protection; able to bend his knees and is pretty light on his feet for a big tackle. Can be jolted a little bit on contact but recovers to anchor against power; handles straightforward bull rushers better than speed. Gets reasonable depth with his kickslide, but sometimes needs to overcommit to the outside and allows defenders to double back inside for pressure. Can be forced to try and steer defenders wide of the pocket when facing rushers from wide alignments. Has active, powerful hands which can knock opponents off-balance; will make the occasional whiff versus sudden opponents, but generally looks comfortable hand-fighting. Struggles against spin moves. More of a puncher than someone who will lock onto opponents and neutralize them. Caught down-blocking on an inside rusher against the blitz on occasion, allowing free rushers. Starting quarterback for roughly half of the team’s offensive snaps was left handed. Offseason hip surgery will require further evaluation, but could conceivably go in the first round if teams are unconcerned, given his impressive build, temperament, and athletic/physical tools, but would probably be more of a second-day value in a typical offensive line class. Could probably step into a lineup and help a team out in the run game early in his career, but may not be consistent enough in pass protection to allow to man the blindside to begin his career; it wouldn’t be surprising if a team allowed him to start elsewhere on the line as a rookie with the possibility of taking over the left tackle spot down the road.

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