OT Zach Banner, Southern California

6’8” – 353 – 5.58

Massive collegiate right tackle who started there for each of the past three seasons, aside from two games in which he started on the left side. Has incredible size, bulk, and length for the position, with arms which measure nearly 35” and hands 10.75” long. Has had issues with weight in the past, reaching a high of 385 in the past. The team ran behind him often and is a very effective run blocker due to his size, natural power, and grip strength; often looks like he’s working against a blocking sled. Not the most explosive out of his stance but is able to latch on with his massive hands and sustain through the whistle; generates movement with active feet and can easily drive opposing defensive ends five yards or more from the line of scrimmage on a regular basis. Once he’s locked on, the play is over. Good stamina and effort level, especially for a bigger lineman. Lots of blocking on angles but rarely asked to pull or climb to the second level and secure blocks; definitely more of an inline option. Needs to sell out to try and cross defenders’ faces in space and can overrun the target at times. Athleticism wanes with distance. Probably more competitive and powerful than nasty. Not the most athletic tackle but is a good enough pass protector to conceivably remain at right tackle in the pro level. Pretty fundamentally sound in his pass sets, with some ability to bend at the knees and keep his back straight. Covers a reasonable amount of ground in his kickslide and is difficult to get around with speed because of his width and length. Doesn’t let speed rushers blow past him off the snap. Hand speed isn’t exceptional but is able to place his hands, lock on, and wall-off opponents until the ball is out. Gets solid extension. Works to recover when the edge is threatened and can usually steer opponents wide of the pocket. Had surgery on both hips in 2013 which will require further investigation. A somewhat scheme-limited offensive lineman but one who has the look of a future starter on the right side of a line, whether at guard or tackle. Has extremely rare physical gifts and is a much better worker than most players of his size. Teams will need to determine whether he’ll be able to keep his health in check, but shows as a plus run blocker and a good enough pass protector on tape.

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