QB Davis Webb, California

6’5” – 229 lbs. – 4.79

Originally attended Texas Tech and was a part-time starter there for two seasons, spending his junior season behind Patrick Mahomes before transferring to Colorado and then reneging in order to attend California, where he started last season. Tall with a thin-looking frame which may invite questions regarding whether he can withstand the punishment of the pro game; hands are smaller than usual for a pro quarterback prospect. Operates out of the shotgun spread, with lots of predetermined reads designed to get the ball out quickly and pick up yards after the catch on stat-padding short throws such as screens. Consequently, doesn’t really have experience going through progressions, but is able to set up and get the ball out quickly, working within his offense and giving plays time to develop. Smooth throwing mechanics from the waist up. Has plenty of arm talent, with a compact release and consistent follow-through. The ball comes out of his hand in a tight spiral, with the ability to generate velocity or use touch as needed. Has more arm strength than accuracy at this point, with a tendency to make too many throws off of his back foot without transferring his weight. Consequently, will miss some easy throws at times and has a tendency to let his deep ball sail beyond his receivers. However, has the ability to rifle the ball downfield with ease even without stepping into his throws. Upside in terms of accuracy is considerable, as he shows the ability to place the ball when he’s given a clean pocket to work in. However, was never a high-percentage passer in any of the three seasons he started games in between Texas Tech and California. Usually stays in the pocket but is athletic enough to roll out and complete passes on the run to either side, whether by design or when scrambling away from pressure. Makes some poor decisions when pressured, throwing the ball into coverage rather than taking sacks. Can get locked in on one receiver and force bad throws into coverage, creating opportunities for defenders to intercept the ball. Doesn’t come from anything resembling a pro-style offense and has to learn to take snaps from under center, go through progressions, and step into throws more consistently, but has the height, arm strength, and flashes of accuracy to warrant a role as a developmental quarterback with the upside to develop into a starting quarterback down the line.

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