QB Mitchell Trubisky, North Carolina*

6’2” – 222 lbs. – 4.67

Spent two years seeing only limited action behind Marquise Williams before taking over the starting job this past season. Has a thick build but just adequate height for a pro quarterback. Did everything from the shotgun but was asked to go through progressions and make plenty of pro-style throws. A bit of a gunslinger who will attempt some risky throws across his body or into coverage; would probably benefit from killing more plays. Tries to do too much at times. Has more of a three-quarters delivery but will drop it down for some throws. Strong-armed passer who gets good velocity on the ball; sometimes uses a little too much arm, including in the screen game, which constituted a large part of his college offense. Doesn’t always reset his feet before throwing and will spray the ball at times; that said, is able to flick the ball downfield even without doing so. By stepping into throws more consistently he could become an accurate passer; needs work from the waist down. Tough player who will stand in the pocket and take a hit to throw a completion, but will also abandon the pocket and try to extend the play when he still has a chance to throw from it; some ability to function as a rhythm-based passer but can also buy time for his receivers to uncover down the field. Can drop in deep balls with timing and touch although most of his passes are within ten yards or so of the line of scrimmage. The type of quarterback who will make some highlight-reel throws that other passers wouldn’t consider, but will also miss some routine passes to open targets. Offense included a lot of package plays and was asked to make throws on the move. Attempts a lot of passes across his body on bootlegs. Will drop his eyes at times when pushed from the pocket. Elusive enough to pick up a few yards on the ground; was asked to run a little bit of read-option from the gun. A talented passer who has plenty of confidence but probably needs some time before he’s ready to make contributions to a team; will need to adjust to taking snaps from under center and, most importantly, to clean up his technique from the waist down and play from the pocket more consistently. Looks likely to be the first quarterback off the board and will probably go in the top half of the first round, but the team that drafts him will have to be confident in their ability to prepare him fast enough to save their jobs.

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