QB Patrick Mahomes II, Texas Tech*

6’2” – 225 lbs. – 4.80

Captain who has been very productive since taking over as his team’s quarterback toward the end of his freshman season. Thickly-built quarterback with the power to shake off contact at times; adequate height, with hands that are smaller than usual. Plays in Texas Tech’s signature wide-open spread, which required him to carry his offense by passing from the shotgun on nearly every play. Has a three-quarters delivery which drops for screens; gets the ball out quickly with life and a good spiral. Plays the game with a gunslinger mentality and plenty of confidence; not afraid to take chances on throws downfield and into coverage. Aggressive approach to the position is facilitated by the fact that his arm strength is very good, with enough velocity to fit the ball into tight windows; can heave the ball downfield or into tight windows despite his lack of weight transfer and poor fundamentals. Makes pro-style throws to different levels and outside the hashes; can use appropriate touch on his downfield passes. Was asked to go through some progressions and made some anticipatory throws, although he is more likely to buy time in the hopes that a receiver will uncover themselves than he is to make quick reads and get the ball out on time. Capable of extending the play when he’s forced to flee the pocket, keeping his eyes downfield to locate receivers. Will flee the pocket prematurely at times, or on designed rollouts, but also has the ability to maneuver around inside the pocket and buy time without dropping his eyes; good escapability in the face of oncoming rushers. Good improvisational skills when the play breaks down. Able to complete passes when he’s on the run; can even zip some cross-body throws into coverage for completions. Has some athletic ability; able to take advantage of empty spaces and pick up first-downs, with some experience running draws and read-options. Very raw from a technical standpoint. Footwork on his dropbacks is very nonchalant. Light on his feet in the pocket, although he doesn’t have experience working from under center. Very poor in terms of establishing a throwing base and stepping into his throws; attempts a lot of his passes off his back foot or when on the move. Could potentially develop into a very accurate passer if he ever cleaned up his technique, but as it stands will let his poor mechanics affect ball placement at times. Very talented, risky player who could become a quality starter with two to three years of development, but who might be too out-of-control for some teams.

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