RB Dalvin Cook, Florida St.*

5’10” – 210 lbs. – 4.49

Rushed for over a thousand yards in each of his three seasons with the Seminoles, with escalating production. Well-built running back with adequate size for an every-down player; carries the ball both from pro-style formations and from the shotgun. Probably at his best running sweeps from the shotgun. Has good vision and agility to navigate through congestion, making jump cuts and squeezing through creases in the line; very effective cutback runner. Can bounce around in the backfield, stop on a dime, and burst through lanes as they become available. Decisive player who doesn’t waste much time hitting the hole when it presents itself. Fast enough to get to the edge on sweeps and stretch runs, with the speed to run away from opposing defenders and hit home runs. Runs with a low center of gravity and the leg drive to lower his shoulder and churn out yards after contact; able to shrug off his fair share of tackle attempts. Beyond the line of scrimmage, is more of an aggressive, violent runner who can spin off of contact or drive defenders back than a finesse type who makes defenders miss. Able to grind out first downs in short-yardage situations, but ball security has been an issue throughout his career. Often retained as an additional blocker and is a willing pass protector with a good work rate; keeps his head on a swivel to locate opposing rushers, handling his responsibilities with plenty of energy. Probably more aware and aggressive than he is effective at this point, without as much lower-body strength as anticipated when attempting to square up and absorb power. Also used as the lead blocker on some attempts. In addition to his blocking duties, regularly swings out into the flats from shotgun formations when the team is passing the ball; will make delayed releases based on the opposing pass rush. Will also take some snaps split out wide to the formation, albeit rarely. The type of player you’d like to get one-on-one matchups in space but wasn’t asked to handle particularly diverse responsibilities as a receiver and let some opportunities slip through his fingers. Durability (hamstring, shoulder) and character (robbery, possession of a firearm, battery arrests, charges dropped in each case) issues, combined with a below-average Combine showing, will probably push his draft stock down more than his talent suggests. Was seen as a high first-round pick before arriving in Indianapolis, but could easily slip to the middle of the first round or even as far as the second round.

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