TE Adam Shaheen, Ashland

6’6” – 278 lbs. – 4.79

Has a background in basketball at the Division II level. Transferred to Ashland in 2014 and played sparingly in a reserve capacity, but enjoyed two highly productive seasons as the team’s starter to finish his collegiate career. Despite his outstanding combination of height, bulk, and length for a tight end prospect, is not strictly an inline option. Takes snaps from all over the formation; most often works out of a three-point stance with his hand in the dirt, but will line up split out wide or in the slot often as well. Has the frame and length to become an effective blocker and was asked to block regularly at the college level, either as a pass protector, in the run game, or at the second level as a stalk blocker, either from the tight-end position or as more of a receiver. Fast enough to get to the second level and seal opponents. Plays with a wide base and flashes the ability to wall off opponents. Has length and lateral quickness to stick with opponents. However, doesn’t really have the nasty temperament or aggression teams look for; not much of a threat to dominate opponents or generate movement. Could stand to be more active with his hands. Can get caught lunging at opponents despite his length. Not the most explosive route-runner but has some natural receiving skills. Runs a lot of shorter routes in order to settle underneath zone coverage but will also work further down the field and flashes the ability to challenge defenses down the seams. Common routes are drags, seam patterns, whip routes, and posts. Has a little bit of trouble releasing as an inline tight end but can make inside releases when he’s split out wide. Plucks the ball away from his body, with a wide radius, sure hands, and impressive body control. Able to track the ball over his shoulder down the sidelines. Uses his frame to shield defenders from the ball. A big-bodied tight end who lines up all over the formation, catches the ball naturally, and has the physical tools to become an effective blocker, but who is very much a work in progress at this point, and who will be making a big leap in terms of the level of competition he’s playing against. Might go on the second day as a project with considerable upside, but would represent a fairly significant risk at that point, especially for a team expecting him to end up as a traditional inline tight end.

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