TE George Kittle, Iowa

6’4” – 247 lbs. – 4.52

Has excellent bloodlines; father was also a member of the Hawkeyes’ football team and cousin is pro tight end Henry Krieger-Coble. Redshirted, then appeared in a reserve role in each of the two subsequent seasons. Started six games as a junior and became a full-time starter last year. Typically lines up as an inline tight end, with extensive responsibilities as a blocker; will also function as sort of a tightly-aligned slot receiver at times. Has a desirable on-field temperament; very physical and aggressive. Functional strength is only average, and ends up on the ground more often than he should, but gives good effort and has had plenty of success blocking defenders. Able to come in motion and lead the way on outside rushes, and also does a lot of blocking on angles. Flashes the leg drive to clear opponents out of the hole and create lanes for runners; nasty finisher when he’s in position to do so. Can climb to the second level and secure blocks on linebackers. Actively seeks out opponents to block in the screen game and offers plenty of range. Has occasional issues with lateral quickness and can end up chasing after opponents he should have been able to cut off. Tends to lower his head and overextend; issues with balance are fairly common. Less commonly utilized as a receiver option; often rotated off the field on passing downs until his senior season, but appears to have soft hands and turned in a very impressive forty-yard dash at the Combine. Only dropped one pass at the college level. Primary responsibilities as a receiver were in terms of block-and-release routes in which he managed to leak out and get open, but has the speed to challenge defenses down the seams and was able to run more wheel routes and other patterns of that nature upon becoming a starter. Can give linebackers a lot of trouble down the field. Also ran a lot of simple short out routes and other patterns of that nature; not a very refined or diverse route-runner at this point. Hurt his foot this past season, which could require further medical evaluation. A pretty good blocker despite his lack of bulk; can handle lots of different responsibilities in the run game, with the nastiness and competitive temperament needed for that capacity. Needs some work with regard to his lateral quickness and balance, but could potentially resolve those with coaching. Somewhat less developed as a receiver, but offers impressive speed and reliable hands. Should go early on the third day.

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