TE Gerald Everett, South Alabama

6’3” – 239 lbs. – 4.62

Primarily played basketball in high school, then spent a season at community college before attending UAB; transferred after the football program was canceled and spent the past two seasons at South Alabama. Often lined up as his team’s H-Back, but will also take snaps from the slot; wasn’t an inline tight end in college and doesn’t project as one at the pro level, either. Has solid height and length for a flex option, with arms which measured 33” at the Combine. Flexible, impressive athlete whose skillset more closely resembles a wideout than a tight end. Pretty fast, explosive receiver who ran a lot of short and intermediate patterns. Actually has a pretty diverse route tree more reminiscent of a wide receiver. Will run slants and drags across the middle of the field, and has the speed to challenge the seams or run outs at the intermediate level. Uses natural athleticism to create separation at the route stem more than nuance. The team also tried to get the ball into his hands on banana routes/flares. Length and body control allow him to adjust to poorly-thrown balls away from his frame; appears to have soft hands. Should be a vertical threat, having recorded a very impressive 37.5” leap at the Combine, although he wasn’t asked to climb the ladder much in college. Has a finesse skillset but runs routes with some physicality and flashes power with the ball in his hands; that said, was usually able to get a free release at the line in college and may struggle to handle physicality at the pro level. Production was limited by a lack of targets rather than a lack of separation. Most common blocking responsibilities involved cutting out opponents on the play side, or coming into motion and attempting to crack defenders in backside pursuit. May be predominantly limited to this type of role at the next level because, although he exhibits impressive lateral quickness and a willingness to engage opponents high, his functional strength and anchor are lacking. Can be driven off the line relatively easily by powerful defenders. Has some experience in pass protection but realistically is going to have the most value as a receiving option. One of the top prospects in this year’s class, he should be able to contribute as a receiver with time and further physical development, although he’ll probably never be much of a blocker. Projects as a possible second-day draft selection.

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