WR Chad Hansen, California*

6’2” – 202 lbs. – 4.54

Originally attended Idaho State, then transferred to California, where he worked into the receiver rotation in 2015 before taking over a starting role this past season. Bigger wide receiver who usually lines up split out wide to the right side of the formation; at the Combine, arm length measured over thirty-two inches and hands over ten inches, both very good figures. Plays in an offense which feeds him the ball on a lot of screens and tunnels in an attempt to get him lanes to the open field. However, also runs other routes, most often go, curl, fade, and slant patterns. Able to release at the line against press coverage; has a good inside release, and can also use his hands in order to work past defenders who are attempting to jam him at the line of scrimmage. At the route stem, sometimes has a little bit too much wasted motion (excessive fakes.) Timed speed at the Combine was just average, but was often asked to go deep at the college level and looked slightly faster than anticipated. Good ability to track the ball over his shoulder when running down the sidelines. Length and hand size make him a big, reliable target; has an impressive catch radius and is able to catch passes away from his frame. Flexible player with excellent body control and awareness when working the sidelines in order to make twisting catches and get his feet down inbounds. Able to climb the ladder and snag passes over the top when covered. When running slants, uses his body to shield defenders, with some ability to make contested catches. With the ball in his hands, relies more on shake than power after the catch; has some ability to make the first man miss, with enough burst to pick up chunks of yardage. The team also got the ball into his hands with the occasional reverse. Looks like a willing blocker on screens and rushing attempts but doesn’t have a lot of functional strength despite his size; positioning is sometimes hindered by the fact that he’s often used as more of a decoy in order to pull opposing defensive backs away from the play. Comes from an offense which didn’t always give him a lot of pro-style work, but handled his responsibilities well and has the size, length, flexibility, and hands to become a starter at the pro level. Has the look of a second-day pick whose average athletic testing could ultimately push him into the third or fourth round of the draft.

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