WR Chris Godwin, Penn St.*

6’1” – 209 lbs. – 4.42

Started three games as a true freshman before taking over a full-time starting role the following season; decided to forego his senior season after two years with the first team. Big, thickly-built receiver who typically lines up split out wide to the short side of the field but will also take snaps from a closer alignment in some run-oriented sets; regularly shifts back and forth between the left and right sides of the formation. Able to use his hands in order to release at the line of scrimmage against press coverage. Route tree is a little bit simple and primarily centered around getting him downfield and allowing him to get vertical against opponents. Also runs drags, slants, curls, and corner patterns. Gets thrown a lot of jump balls and 50-50 passes down the sidelines; exhibits good leaping ability and body control to put himself in position to make catches. Able to climb the ladder, high-point the ball, and win over the top, with his length giving him an impressive catch radius. Able to use his body to shield defenders from the ball when he’s asked to work the middle of the field; has the reliable hands to make some tough contested catches. Exhibits good awareness and footwork down the sideline to keep his feet inbounds after making the catch. Ran faster than anticipated at the Combine; doesn’t look particularly explosive or capable of threatening defenses downfield on tape, with deep ball production more a result of his ability to win one-on-one by using his size and leaping ability. Cornerbacks are usually in-phase when he’s asked to go deep down the sidelines. Pretty hard runner after the catch who can lower his shoulder and make defenders work to bring him down, although he isn’t a major threat to break big runs after the catch. Gives good effort as a blocker, more likely to wall off opponents but also flashing the power and leg drive to move defenders off the spot at times; has some trouble with positioning, leaving him chasing opponents who have beat him inside off the snap. Was a legitimate deep threat and vertical threat at the college level, with the size, strength, leaping ability, body control, radius, and hands to get downfield and victimize defensive backs. Has some work to do in order to diversify his route tree and improve the consistency of his blocking but has the look of a starting receiver at the pro level and should go somewhere on the second day.

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