WR Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington

6’2” – 204 lbs. – 4.62

Extremely productive receiver who finished his career as the FCS’ all-time leader in every major receiving category. Would be a third-generation NFL player. Bigger receiver who typically lines up in the slot, but will take a handful of snaps on the outside in a typical game as well. As his production indicates, is a volume receiver who the team leaned on to help them move the chains; the team will also attempt to get the ball into his hands by occasionally lining him up deep to return punts, or by letting him run jet sweeps from motion. Runs a lot of different routes, usually shorter patterns like shallow crosses, curls, slants, ins/outs, and screens, but also works further down the field, using some nuance to get vertical up the seams. Some shake in his route stem to create separation, often within a few yards of the line of scrimmage. Settles into soft spots in zone when working the seams, although he may not have the raw speed to challenge defenses deep at the pro level when presented with man-to-man coverage. Uses his size to his advantage when working the middle of the field, shielding defenders with his frame and bringing in catches in traffic. With the ball in his hands, is a hard runner who uses his physicality to break tackles and pick up yards after the catch; also has some suddenness when working in the screen game and attempting to make defenders miss in open space. Very reliable receiver who is able to make the routine passes on a regular basis, including contested catches over the middle of the field; doesn’t have a particularly wide radius because of his lack of ideal length and leaping ability, but gets the most of his skillset, showing the ability to leap up and bring down high passes away from his frame. Has the body control to make adjustments on passes behind him or away from his frame. Looks like a very willing blocker with good effort in stalking opposing defensive backs, although blocking didn’t appear to be a major responsibility of his game based on the games reviewed; fell off some of his limited attempts. Tough, having played through a sprained AC joint this past season. Very polished, reliable receiver who looks like he has what it takes to become a number two or three wideout at the pro level, but whose draft stock may be affected by average workout numbers.

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