WR Dede Westbrook, Oklahoma

6’0” – 178 lbs. – 4.34

Originally attended Blinn Community College, then transferred to Oklahoma after the 2014 season. Has reasonable height, but is thin and lacks ideal length for an outside receiver. Typically lines up split wide to the right side of the formation; nonetheless, many routes take him across the middle of the field. Takes limited snaps from the slot or tight to the formation as more of a wingback. Will often drag across the formation or run other routes across the middle at different levels; also asked to curl and settle underneath the coverage or catch screens from out wide. Not just a short-area receiver; also runs a fair amount of deep routes, usually on double-moves. Has the route-running skills, speed, and quickness to get separation, earning frequent targets downfield; does a good job of selling his routes and setting up defenders on his double moves. Some ability to improvise and find open spaces when the play breaks down. Seems like a reliable receiver; comes down with the passes he should and can make some impressive grabs away from his frame or against tight coverage at times. However, at the Combine, hand size measured less than is desirable for a player at his position. When going deep, can track the ball well over his shoulder. Very flexible player with good body control; uses it to make defenders miss when he has the ball on his hands, and can contort himself to make adjustments to the ball when it’s in midair. Can be a dynamic runner; the team likes to get the ball in his hands with the occasional designed run, and will send him in motion, fake the jet sweep, and throw him swing passes or use him to pull defenders away from the play direction Also served as the team’s return specialist on occasion. However, may be a durability concern given his competitive style of play and thin frame. Not a very physical blocker but does a pretty good job of getting in the way; also used to set picks for underneath routes by other targets. Uses what length he has to lock out his arms, but doesn’t create much movement. Has two previous domestic violence incidents which, paired with reportedly poor Combine interviews, is expected to significantly hurt his stock. Looks like a second-day talent but rumor has it that he may end up slipping to the mid-to-late rounds on draft day. Nonetheless, it’s hard to imagine him going undrafted, as the on-field product will probably be good enough to make some teams overlook what he may have done four or five years ago.

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