WR John Ross III, Washington*

5’11” – 188 lbs. – 4.22

Began his collegiate career as a kick returner but didn’t break out as a receiver until 2016, when he returned from a torn ACL sustained in 2014. Also has limited starting experience at cornerback. Small, thinly-built receiver whose medical history will make his frame a concern for front offices. Lines up both as an outside receiver and an inside receiver, regularly moving around the formation; predominantly takes snaps on the outside. Runs a pretty simple route tree primarily consisting of drag, fly, in, out, curl, and screen patterns. Also carried the ball at times as the team’s kick returner or on reverses designed to get him into space. True deep threat who is fast enough to separate on go routes or cross a safety’s face down the field. Forces defenders to respect his speed, creating opportunities for him to work back to the ball underneath. Has a pretty feisty on-field temperament and is willing to mix it up a little bit against receivers who try to press him at the line of scrimmage. Excellent footwork to release at the line, with the ability to freeze defenders and use his speed to separate from them down the field. Lets too many passes slip through his fingers. Length gives him a limited catch radius and will require a particularly accurate quarterback; however, somewhat makes up for it with impressive leaping ability. Flashes the ability to catch passes away from his frame but is limited by length and will also trap some passes against his body. Can be disrupted by physical defenders; lacks the size to shield them from the ball and has difficulty making contested catches in traffic. Doesn’t work back to the ball. Good runner with the ball in his hands; willing to get physical with stiff arms and has the ability to slip out of some tackles with spins or jukes. Looks very competitive and aggressive when given the chance to block; wasn’t asked to do it much and doesn’t have great size, but gives outstanding effort and had success in that capacity during the games reviewed. Teams may wonder if he has the durability to work over the middle of the field or the size to match up against physical corners on the outside, especially given that he’s had surgery to repair both knees and his shoulder. Would make the most sense for a team seeking a slot receiver who can threaten defenses deep, but may not be a true outside receiver.

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