WR Josh Reynolds, Texas A&M

6’3” – 194 lbs. – 4.52

Originally attended junior college, then spent the following three seasons as a starter for the Aggies. Very tall, long receiver prospect with a thin frame. Typically lines up split out wide to the right side of the formation. Has good footwork and quickness off the line to release against press-man. Route tree is simple; predominantly asked to run slants, posts, and go routes. Will also make himself available for screens in what look like package plays. Runs a lot of routes downfield, but also breaks off some of his stems after a few yards and catches slants against man coverage; good shake at the stem to get open and win inside position. Because of his lack of power, can have his routes disrupted or be pinned to the sidelines by physical defenders; more physical with his hands at the line of scrimmage. Consequently, looks better on inside releases. Works back to the ball. Impressive play speed to threaten defenses down the field, with the ability to track the ball over his shoulder; long-strider who can accelerate past defenders and get separation on posts. Appears to have good hand-eye coordination and offers a massive catch radius due to his height, length, and leaping ability, but catching technique can be sloppy and result in drops;  has the ability to make difficult catches but lets some easier ones slip through his  grasp. Uses his height, length, and leaping ability to climb the ladder and win high; was a touchdown machine in college and should be a weapon in the red zone. Tougher than he is powerful. Works as a blocker but doesn’t really have the power to drive opponents; better when he’s able to pull coverage away from the play by running down the field and then getting in the way. Has a tendency to settle into coverage against zones rather than adjust his route to get open. Crossed the field often at the college level but might not really have the frame to absorb that sort of punishment on a consistent basis at the pro level. Was suspended one game as a junior, which may require further investigation. A prospect with plenty of length and athleticism, and who has the potential to develop into a deep threat and red zone weapon as a split end, but who needs time to further develop his route tree and improve his strength; would probably have difficulty against physical pro cornerbacks early in his career. Looks like a candidate to go as high as the second day, but probably no later than the early third day.

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