WR JuJu Smith-Schuster, Southern California*

6’1” – 215 lbs. – 4.54

Has started for the past three years, since his true freshman season. Offers an impressive combination of height, bulk, and length for a pro receiver. Generally lines up on the outside to the right of the formation, but will slide over to the left on occasion. Runs a mixture of routes to different levels of the field, working both outside on patters such as curls, out, and go routes, and inside on drags, slants, and such. Also occasionally carries the ball on designed runs (jet sweeps.) Will often make an inside release and work the middle of the field. Game is predicated upon getting inside position and shielding defenders from the ball on slants and patterns over the middle of the field. More quick than explosive, but has some shake at the route stem to create separation; that said, many of his targets come with a cornerback in his hip pocket. In terms of speed, is a short-strider who can challenge defenses downfield but isn’t a true burner; relies on nuance in his routes when attempting to get deep. Able to track and attack the ball when working down the sidelines; some ability to outmuscle defenders from the ball. When he is able to get separation, exhibits good fundamental catching technique, with the ability to pluck the ball away from his body. Flexible receiver with the leaping ability and body control to adjust to poorly-placed throws. Arms measured nearly 33” and hands 10.5” at the Combine, both very impressive numbers. Good awareness when working the sidelines. With the ball in his hands, is able to use his agility to make defenders miss, and doesn’t shy away from contact; also not afraid to mix it up with defenders when releasing at the line, but is more feisty than powerful. Will flash the ability to block effectively for screens and outside rushing attempts, but is usually more of a wall-off blocker whose contributions in that area can be undermined by poor positioning and/or hand placement. Injuries in three of the past four seasons may make him a medical concern, especially given his style of play. Has the physical attributes and temperament to become a starter for a team looking for a receiver that can get inside positioning and move the chains. Consequently, will probably earn a spot somewhere on the draft’s second day, despite the depth available at the position in the latter half of the top-100 in this year’s class.

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