WR Kenny Golladay, Northern Illinois

6’4” – 218 lbs. – 4.50

Originally attended North Dakota, working into the rotation as a freshman and then stepping into the starting lineup as a sophomore. Transferred to Northern Illinois, where he started in each of the past two seasons. Very tall, long receiver who lines up split out wide to the sides of the formation; will also take the occasional snap from the slot on plays designed to get him open via picks. Has a thin build and a somewhat finesse temperament on the field; came into the Combine at 218 pounds but looks like he may be smaller than that on tape. Long-strider who can eat up cushions and threaten defenses down the sidelines; opposing defensive backs often gave him generous cushions out of respect for his speed. Not really a particularly explosive or sharp route-runner; was able to win because of his size and length, and often didn’t have opposing cornerbacks attempting to disturb his routes at the line of scrimmage.  Big target who has a massive catch radius and impressive flexibility; makes good adjustments to poorly-thrown balls and will get low to scoop passes. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder. Appears to have soft, reliable hands (which measured 9.75” at the Combine) and the ability to make some catches in tight coverage. Has the height, length, and leaping ability to be a vertical threat, but doesn’t always play with the physicality and aggressiveness to assert his will over smaller defensive backs. Nonetheless, projects as an effective red zone target. Good body control and awareness near the sidelines to make catches on the boundaries. Also does a little bit of work over the middle of the field on slants, drags, and deeper crossing routes, but may not have the frame to really make a living in that area. Not much of a threat to break tackles after the catch. Disappointing as a blocker although he is often asked to get out in front of screens and combination routes; doesn’t relish contact or really play with the sort of power that a wide receiver of his size should bring. Prototypical size/speed prospect at the position whose ability to glide down the field and use his length, leaping, and flexibility to make catches should make him an in-demand prospect come draft day; although he is not quite as strong or physical as teams may look for, he has enough rare traits to warrant consideration as a potential split end starter.

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