WR Malachi Dupre, Louisiana St.*

6’2” – 196 lbs. – 4.52

Declared for the draft after spending the past two seasons as a starting receiver for the Tigers, leading the team in receiving both years. Looks the part of a pro wide receiver, with good musculature and solid height; however, arm length and hand size left a little bit to be desired. Usually lines up split out wide to either side of the formation, but will also take snaps from close to the formation or from the slot at times. Comfortable using his hands and footwork to release at the line of scrimmage against press-man coverage. Was asked to run a pro-style route tree, with patterns to all three levels of the field; had to earn the production he got rather than being manufactured touches on easy throws. Looks best when running timing-based patterns such as comebacks and whip routes, given his ability to create separation at the route stem. Consequently, would be best in a passing game which featured an anticipatory quarterback who could deliver balls as he broke on his routes. However, is also fast enough to get downfield and challenge cornerbacks down the sidelines. Does a lot of his work near the boundaries and exhibits good awareness and footwork near the sidelines; able to run comebacks and keep his feet inbounds. Has impressive body control and flexibility, with the ability to contort his body and create opportunities to complete passes further downfield. Was one of the top leapers at the Combine, with a vertical leap just under forty inches, something which could make him a good vertical receiver. However, struggled to come down with high passes during the games reviewed; the ability to find opportunities for difficult catches but the inability to actually come down with tough catches is a recurring feature of his game. Has some trouble catching balls when he’s in traffic. When lined up outside, is often asked to clear out defenders by running downfield rather than blocking them, but has experience stalking for screens and will also be sent in motion tight to the formation in order to block in the running game. Uses his length to his advantage and works to sustain but isn’t very powerful and can fall off of his man. Will probably be relegated to a reserve role early in his career, but has the physical and athletic traits to play with further development.

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