WR Noah Brown, Ohio St.**

6’2” – 222 lbs. – 4.55e

Began his career as a reserve receiver and H-Back, then redshirted the following season after breaking his leg. Enjoyed a somewhat productive season as a starter this past year, then declared for the draft, foregoing his final two seasons of eligibility. Tall, thickly-built receiver who typically lines up on the outside, but with some different splits; will come into the slot on occasion. One of the most vicious blockers in this year’s class; often used to crack down on a linebacker or slot defender on sweeps and outside attempts, blocking with aggression and power. Can lay out opponents or engage them and drive them off of spots. Very effective at pulling opposing defensive backs away from the attempt and then sealing them out. Runs a lot of his patterns over the middle of the field, usually at the short or intermediate level, but works down the sidelines at times as well; may not really have the speed to challenge pro defenders deep, though. Physical enough to release at the line of scrimmage. Route tree will need more development; doesn’t appear to run a full complement of patterns at this point. Flashes some ability to improvise and uncover when the play breaks down, but could be more consistent about getting open against zone coverage; settles into coverage more often than he should. Can track the ball over his shoulder when working down the sidelines. Good awareness, body control, and footwork near the boundaries. Physical and competitive at the catch point, with the ability to climb the ladder and come down with 50-50 throws; has been a weapon in the red zone at the college level. Adjusts well to back-shoulder throws. Able to make tough catches in traffic, which may be important, as he doesn’t get consistent separation from opposing defensive backs and may need to play with a quarterback who is willing to trust his ability to make those catches. Wasn’t really a high-percentage option at the college level. Probably a late second-day or early third-day pick, albeit something of a boom-or-bust prospect whose size, strength, and blocking ability are very impressive but who had limited responsibilities at the college level and who didn’t really have the route-running polish or explosiveness to get much separation even at the college level. Will need some time to develop, but could potentially contribute on either the inside or the outside.

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