OT Cam Robinson, Alabama

6’6” – 322 lbs. – 5.15

Has spent the past three years manning the blindside for the Crimson Tide. Very tall, thick left tackle who looks the part of a pro lineman for an inline/power scheme; has a great build, carrying his weight well and even potentially with the frame to add more weight if needed. Arms measured a whopping 35.5” and hands measured 10.5” at the Combine. Polished, competitive, and physical offensive lineman who plays with a desirable temperament; works through the whistle on a consistent basis. Was asked to execute a lot of different types of blocking assignments. More of a gritty/workmanlike wall-off blocker than a true mauler in the run game. Plays with good leverage and burst when drive-blocking in a phone booth. Drives his legs after contact but can play a little bit high due to his height. Able to down-block and seal opponents inside or drive them off the ball. Very good double-team blocker who can clear out holes with a teammate. Exhibits a good work rate to get out in front of rushing attempts, with some straight-line speed. Short-area quickness is good enough to threaten and occasionally even secure second-level blocks against linebackers. Capable of chipping one defender and getting in position to threaten a second opponent. Might be stronger than he is effective at sustaining with his grip. Anchors very well against power, with good extension and what look like sound pass protection sets. Doesn’t always make it look pretty but is actually pretty assignment-sound when protecting the quarterback. Has good width and length but isn’t the most laterally agile prospect; looks like his kickslide is a little bit stiff and struggles to get a ton of depth when trying to protect the edge. At times, can be relegated to attempting to steer speed rushers wide of the pocket instead of mirroring them. Has some trouble with explosive spins and inside moves. Occasionally a lunger or waist-bender despite his length and size.  May be susceptible to false-starts in order to compensate for his average athleticism. Got arrested for possession of marijuana and a handgun in the past which may have created character concerns for some teams. That said, those inline/power teams who are willing to look past that incident should feel comfortable drafting Robinson in the first round, especially to play right tackle; in this weak offensive line class, he is the safest selection, offering plenty of experience at the nation’s premier college football program and boasting the size, bulk, and length to succeed at the pro level.

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