DB Jabrill Peppers, Michigan

5’11” – 213 lbs. – 4.46

Got hurt three games into his first college season, then became a starter the following year, enjoying two productive campaigns before declaring for the draft. Often lines up off the edge or in the box, more like a linebacker than a defensive back; however, is considered a likely conversion candidate to defensive back or a nickel role at the pro level. Very high intensity/high motor player with an excellent work rate. Was more of a downhill player than anything in college, with only limited work in coverage. Has very good instincts and pursuit skills, in terms of his athleticism, in terms of his angles, and in terms of his range. Seemingly always around the ball; flows very well and makes a ton of plays. Not the most powerful player but is willing to take on blocks and can work through trash. Uses his hands and quickness to slip blocks. Physical and reliable tackler, although he doesn’t have a ton of stopping power. Has a slight tendency to overpursue at times. Can be sealed inside when he gets too aggressive. Very good change of direction skills/agility; can flip his hips easily in coverage. Plants and drives well when playing zone and can generate some pop on contact. Flashes the ability to stick with receivers in man coverage but it’s difficult to evaluate his coverage skills because of the limited snaps he took in that role; never really took snaps as a traditional deep safety during the games reviewed, and physical limitations may prevent him from taking snaps against typical inline tight ends. Will line up across from receivers and play zone but can be taken advantage of because his instinct is to play downhill. Has enough speed to recover when caught out of position. Has good speed to close when given free lanes as a rusher. Also takes snaps as a running back, wildcat quarterback, and wide receiver, and is one of college football’s most dynamic return specialists. Capable of regularly making the first man miss, with incredible jump-cuts. A somewhat unorthodox player who has outstanding physical skills, instincts, and mental tools but whose role at the pro level is likely to be different from what he was asked to do in college. Could easily be ruined by a defensive coordinator who attempts to make him into a traditional cornerback or high safety, or could flourish under a creative coordinator who was willing to create a role for him that took advantage of his unique talents.

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