OT Antonio Garcia, Troy

6’6” – 302 lbs. – 5.15

Has started at left tackle for almost his entire collegiate career. Tall, with adequate arm length and perhaps a slightly thinner build than would be desirable; carries his weight well. More of a finesse player but has some scrappiness to his approach in the run game; has an adequate temperament and the athletic tools to succeed there but probably needs some time to adapt to more of a pro-style offense. Wasn’t often asked to put his hand in the dirt and play out of a three-point stance. Quality wall-off blocker who’s not overpowering but who can consistently position himself and sustain through the whistle. Has good leg drive after initial contact, with the ability to attack an opponent’s outside shoulder and generate push. Hand placement is a little bit inconsistent and could do a better job of keeping his hands inside and maximizing his power. Some ability to exploit opponents’ aggressiveness by letting them take themselves out of position. Very impressive burst to cut opponents at the second level, although his usage in this capacity was a bit limited during the games reviewed. Wasn’t really asked to pull much during the games reviewed but has the athleticism to do so. Has a bad habit of lowering his head into contact which may prove difficult to correct at the pro level. Played in a heavily pass-oriented offense. Very athletic player with quick feet and impressive mirror skills. Uses his length and quick feet to defend the edge well against speed, although he can be a little bit grabby. Stays back and uses his arms rather than shoulders to punch. Pretty good hand-fighter. Better at handling speed than power; might need to add a little bit more strength in his lower body to absorb opposing bull-rushes at the next level. Lack of ideal lower-body strength can be exacerbated by playing a little bit high and letting defenders win the leverage battle. Gets put on his heels more often than is desirable. Football intelligence was questioned by some scouts during the pre-draft process. One of the sleeker pass-protectors in a weak draft class, Garcia comes from an offense which bears little resemblance to the one he’s likely to end up in at the pro level and will need some time to adjust, but has the athletic tools to make sense on the second day as a developmental left tackle. Will likely need to make it on the outside and possibly even the blind-side, but could do so, especially in a zone blocking scheme.

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