CB Anthony Averett, Alabama

5’11” – 183 lbs. – 4.36

Redshirted his first season with the Tide, then appeared in just one game the following year. Was a special-teams contributor as a redshirt sophomore, then earned a starting job as a junior, and retained that role this past season. Long-limbed cornerback with a thin frame. Plays a lot of techniques from the right side of the defense: press-man, bump-and-run, shuffle, off (man and zone). Very good athlete who the team trusted in man coverage against high-end receivers such as Mike Williams. Has quick feet and plenty of speed to match an opponent’s release at the line in press coverage and carry them down the sidelines. Good change of direction skills; does a good job of flipping his hips and running with opponents. Able to place his hands and keep himself in-phase on most routes. However, despite his relatively thin frame, can at times be too physical with opposing receivers, leading to pass-interference penalties. Despite often being in-phase, also appears to have some issues with getting his head around in time in order to make a play on the ball. Consequently, quarterbacks were able to successfully test him down the sidelines, and his production in man wasn’t quite the sum of his athletic tools. When he’s in position and is able to locate the ball, exhibits the timing, length, and leaping skills to bat down passes. Seems to struggle a little bit more in zone coverage, especially when presented with route combinations, although he didn’t take a high percentage of his snaps in zone during the games reviewed. Willing to come up and make tackles on opposing ballcarriers. Uses his length to keep opposing blockers out of his frame, and flashes some suddenness when attempting to avoid being engaged. Also works in a spin move. Doesn’t have a lot of stopping power as a hitter, but closes quickly and uses his length to good effort, wrapping up opponents and generally doing a good job of bringing them down. Also appeared on special-teams units. A better athlete than teammate and fellow draft prospect Levi Wallace, but looks like he may need a little bit of work before he’s able to contribute at the next level, namely in terms of adding strength and locating the ball more quickly when he’s in man coverage downfield. If he can address those issues, has starting potential.

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