CB Carlton Davis, Auburn*

6’1” – 206 lbs. – 4.53

Declared for the draft after spending three seasons in the starting lineup at Auburn. Tall, long-limbed cornerback who looks the part of a boundary defender at the next level. Often lines up in press-man looks, but will also provide a large cushion on occasion; typically on the right side of the defense. Has played on both the short and “field” sides. Doesn’t do a lot of backpedaling; typically turns and runs with opponents, or uses bail techniques. A smooth mover with loose hips who can cover a lot of ground, and solid speed to run with opponents down the sidelines. Seems more comfortable when he’s able to use the sideline to his advantage, as opposed to defending against inside releases on routes which take opposing receivers over the middle of the field. Plays the game with a physical temperament. Uses his length well to disrupt opposing routes at the line of scrimmage in bump-and-run coverage; long limbs also provide an asset when attempting to pin opponents to the sidelines or make plays on the ball when targeted. However, can be a little bit too physical with opponents and might be a penalty-generator at the next level. Ability to plant and drive on a spot in front of him is just adequate; has the raw athleticism, but seems to be a little bit more reactive than instinctive when working from a large cushion. More experienced and comfortable in man coverage than in zone; seemed to have some difficulty identifying his responsibilities against bunches of receivers and may have been responsible for a blown coverage during the games reviewed. In man, however, is able to leverage his length and athleticism to stay in the receiver’s hip pocket, exhibiting good timing to make plays on the ball when targeted; broke up twenty-nine passes over three years and intercepted four. Flashes the ability to set the tone defensively with big hits. Could do a better job of anchoring against opposing receivers when defending the run. A big, long-limbed cornerback who has the physicality and athleticism needed to play bump-and-run coverage on the outside, and whose three years of starting experience in the SEC make him one of the more pro-ready man-coverage cornerbacks in this year’s draft class. Should be in the mix to be one of the first few cornerbacks selected.

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