CB Jaire Alexander, Louisville*

5’10” – 196 lbs. – 4.38

Started one of twelve games played as a freshman, then stepped into a starting role the following season and enjoyed a highly productive campaign. Played in just six games as a junior, sustaining a knee injury and a broken hand, then declared for the draft. Listed height and weight are commensurate with pro requirements for a boundary cornerback, but looks a little bit smaller on tape, so Combine measurements will be important. Feisty, aggressive cornerback who takes snaps on both sides of the formation, as well as from the slot on occasion. Typically plays press-man or shuffle technique (either man or zone), sometimes bailing from press looks. Consequently, it’s difficult to evaluate his ability to backpedal, although his overall quickness is very good. When lining up in press, does a good job of using his hands to disrupt opposing receivers’ routes at the line of scrimmage. Fast, quick-twitch cornerback with the speed to carry opposing receivers down the sidelines and the reaction times to stick with them out of the route stem. Has a good feel for route developments and exhibits the ability to break off of one defender and come up to contest underneath passes. Able to get his head around to locate the ball, with soft hands to make the interception when in position; picked off five passes as a sophomore and seven overall. Can be dangerous with the ball in his hands; also served as his team’s punt returner. Looks a little bit small but was trusted to cover big receivers in man coverage. Appears somewhat susceptible to double-moves; will break hard on the initial move in order to undercut throws and find himself caught out of position. Can be a little bit too physical down the field, which may lead to penalties at the next level. Likes to come up and support the run. Does a good job of attacking blockers and positioning himself to make tackles. Willing to get physical, but can forget his tackling technique at times, leading to missed tackles. Overall durability may be a concern given his somewhat thin frame and junior-year injury history. Very likable prospect who plays with the confidence and swagger of a successful cornerback, and whose quickness, instincts, and ball skills are impressive. Consequently, looks like a potential first-round pick and potential starter, assuming team doctors sign off on his health.

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