DB Marcus Allen, Penn St.

6’2” – 215 lbs. – 4.60e

Started the final seven of thirteen games played as a true freshman, then all twelve, fourteen, and eleven games played in the three subsequent seasons, respectively. Team captain who looks the part with excellent size, length, and bulk for a pro safety. Plays with the aggressiveness and physicality to help set the tone defensively. Typically lines up well off the line of scrimmage as more of a deep safety, but will also come down and cover receivers in the slot at times. As a pro, athletic limitations may force him to play in the box more often relative to those other responsibilities. Backpedal looks fundamentally sound in terms of overall balance and footwork. Has just average athleticism and is often late getting to the sideline as a single-high safety. Can get drawn in by play fakes and misdirection and lacks the elite speed to recover. Also doesn’t always get enough depth when working in zones. Consequently, ball skills are difficult to evaluate; had just one career interception over fifty games played at the college level, with eleven passes defensed. When playing in the slot, has the length and physicality to disrupt opposing slot receivers within five yards, although he may lack the speed and quickness to stick with receivers on routes. At the college level, exhibited a tendency to get grabby after being beat off the line. Could be a penalty machine if given extensive man-coverage responsibilities, although he does have the size to potentially work against opposing tight ends. Physical defensive back who likes to come up and support the run but isn’t a consistent form tackler; more of a hitter who doesn’t always use his arms well, but flashes the ability to break down and wrap in the open field. Instincts are better when he’s able to come up and play the run  than when he’s asked to work in coverage. Has enough pop to serve as an enforcer over the middle. Able to take on blocks and force runners back inside. Has some blitzing ability, with some explosiveness when playing downhill; was able to create pressure even as a deep blitzer. Offers nearly four years of starting experience in a major program, with the size and physicality teams look for in the position, but coverage limitations and spotty tackling form could relegate him to a backup role.

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