DB Quin Blanding, Virginia

6’2″ – 207 lbs. – 4.63

Started all of the Cavaliers’ games over the past four years, recording forty-nine starts in total and winning first team all-conference honors in each of the past three. Works predominantly as a high safety with zone coverage responsibilities, but also takes some snaps in coverage against opposing slot receivers. Has an excellent combination of size and length for the position and should be viewed as a potential fit for either safety role at the pro level. Fast, fluid defensive back who looks comfortable turning and running with opposing wide receivers down the field, and who was trusted to do so on a regular basis at the college level. Has enough speed to stick with opponents across the middle of the field. Size is more than sufficient to cover opposing receivers and possibly some tight ends. However, made some mistakes on reads during the games reviewed, leaving opponents open for easy catches. Has a tendency to get drawn in by misdirection, creating opportunities for passes over the top. When in position, exhibits the soft hands needed to secure interceptions; picked off ten passes over the course of his collegiate career. Length allows him to bat down passes when in-phase. Likes to come up and play the run, and looks better when he’s able to mix it up with opposing ballcarriers. Possesses good speed and a closing burst in pursuit. Length gives him an impressive tackling radius; is a reliable open-field tackler who choose appropriate angles in pursuit, if not the type of enforcer who can intimidate opponents over the middle. Was also used as a blitzer from deep on occasion; looks fast when planting and driving on a spot. A likable prospect whose physical and athletic attributes are desirable for a pro safety, and who is the type of reliable tackler that teams look for in their last line of defense. Could be a little bit more disciplined when working in coverage to prevent opponents from threatening the defense over the top, which may cause some teams to view him as more of a strong safety whose ability to come up and make tackles in the run game should be accentuated. Looks like a mid-round pick as an experienced prospect with a high floor.

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