DB Ronnie Harrison, Alabama*

6’2″ – 207 lbs. – 4.60e

Rotated into the defense and played on special teams as a freshman, then spent the past two seasons in the starting lineup before declaring for the draft. Well-built safety with an excellent combination of height, bulk, and length; really looks the part of a pro defensive back. Did a little bit of everything for the Tide: lined up as a high safety in cover-two looks, came down and played in a robber capacity, and covered slot receivers in man coverage. Has a desirable on-field temperament in terms of his motor and overall level of aggression; the type of player who can help set the tone defensively. Loves up to come up and deliver hits in the run game, with the speed to get involved in the play from his position as a high safety. A physical enforcer type whose greatest value in the passing game is his ability to intimidate opponents who run patterns over the middle of the field. Has a pretty good feel for route developments underneath and enough explosiveness to drive on a spot and punish receivers with big hits over the middle of the field. Has the speed and fluidity to work in man coverage, and leverages his size, length, and physicality to disrupt opposing receivers when playing in the slot. May have to tone it down a little bit at the next level in order to avoid penalties, but should be able to stick with some receivers and looks like a good candidate to draw interest from teams looking for a bigger safety to work against opposing tight ends. Intercepted seven passes in college. Angles in pursuit can leave something to be desired; will get too aggressive, take a risky path to the ball, and let some opposing ballcarriers through his grasp. A better hitter than form tackler who could break down and wrap up more consistently given his role as the defense’s last line of defense. Aggressiveness can also cause him to be exploited in the passing game; loves to come up and make tackles against the run, so teams have been able to drawn him in with play-action and misdirection and create one-on-one opportunities further down the field. Also blocked two kicks during his collegiate career. Offers a desirable combination of size, physicality, and versatility which should allow him to be one of the first safeties off the board, but will need to take better angles in pursuit and break down more consistently.

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