DE Da’Shawn Hand, Alabama

6’4″ – 297 lbs. – 4.83

Rotated into the defense over nine games as a freshman and sophomore, then played more regularly over the past two seasons of modest production. Has a thick, slightly top-heavy build which makes him a little bit of a ‘tweener who could either add or lose weight depending on how a pro team envisions his role. Most frequently played the five technique in Alabama’s two-gap, 3-4 defensive front but also took snaps at some other techniques, including sliding inside at times. Plays with a physical on-field temperament. Effective two-gapper who is able to stack and shed successfully in the run game. Has active, heavy hands with lots of power for a player of his size; flashes the ability to ragdoll blockers at times. Bull rush is strong enough to walk back opposing linemen and reset the line of scrimmage. Length gives him an effective radius, with good grip to tackle, including some ability to make tackles when engaged. Has good eyes and doesn’t get caught out of position too much. Not a particularly rangy player; gives good effort, but doesn’t really have the athleticism to pursue to the sidelines. Also has some minor balance issues which can crop up when defending the run. Not as dynamic in the passing game. Reaction time to the ball being snapped is somewhat slow, although he fires out of his stance with some explosiveness once he gets going. Doesn’t appear to always have a plan when rushing the passer, although he can do a little bit of everything. At his best as a bull-rusher, but often makes inside moves as well; can create pressure with his rip move when doing so. Not a major threat around the edge, but has some ability to dip and can redirect back to the passer in an arc. Closing burst is pretty impressive for a big man, but is more of a pressure generator than a sack artist. Gets his hands up to contest passing lanes when he’s not able to make it to the quarterback. Has some medical questions, having missed a few games this past season with an MCL injury. A well-built prospect who plays with the discipline, physicality, and strength characteristic of players coming out of Alabama’s program, but who might be more of a rotational player at the next level, working into the defense on first and second down before rotating off the field.

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