DE Dorance Armstrong Jr., Kansas*

6’4″ – 257 lbs. – 4.87

Started the last five of his twelve games played as a freshman, then spent the past two seasons as a full-time starter (being significantly more productive as a sophomore) before foregoing his senior season to declare for the draft. Typically plays left end, even on three-man lines; also slides over to the right side on occasion. Usually works out of a four-point stance. Tall with long limbs and a well-built frame; really looks the part of a pro pass-rusher. Does a good job of using his length to keep opposing linemen off of his pads. Has a decent get-off at the line of scrimmage. Typically relies on speed rushes to get around the edge, but isn’t really a consistent pressure-generator. Some ability to slap down an opposing tackle’s hands, with an effective dip and good closing burst to finish. Works in a decent inside move on occasion. Balance can be an issue when trying to turn the corner. A clear project who needs to develop more moves and counters; pretty straightforward and predictable at this point. Has the size length to potentially develop into a two-gapper but is not a very good run defender at this point. Anchor is just average and can struggle to hold up against power. Instincts are a work in progress; struggles to locate the ball and isn’t a very good decision maker when defending the read-option. Gets sucked in by misdirection and could play with more discipline when working in backside contain. Tendency to try and win the edge can cause him to create holes for opponents to run through. However, looks athletic in pursuit, and gives good effort to chase ballcarriers toward the sidelines. Length gives him an impressive tackling radius, and likes to get physical with opposing runners. An example of a prospect who “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane”; offers a tantalizing combination of size and length, as well as above-average movement skills. However, at this point he is a very raw player who doesn’t have much of a pass-rushing repertoire and who will need to add bulk and improve his instincts in order to avoid being exploited in the run game. Would have been well-served by returning to school and trying to improve his game; instead, will need to hope a team falls in love with his potential.

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