DE Harold Landry, Boston College

6’2″ – 252 lbs. – 4.64

Rotated into the defense over thirteen games played as a freshman, then enjoyed three productive seasons in the starting lineup, including a monster junior campaign in which he led the nation in sacks and forced fumbles. Has adequate size and length, but lack of bulk may limit him to playing as a rush linebacker in an odd defensive front at the next level. Rushes from both sides of the line and from different stances and alignments, including a two-point stance; also has experience dropping into zone coverage. Greatest value is by far as a pass-rusher. Has a very quick first step and plenty of speed to win the edge; was often rushing from a very wide (9) alignment. Has the balance, flexibility, and agility to dip his shoulder and bend the edge. Was able to overwhelm opposing right tackles, even against high levels of competition. Some limited ability to convert speed to power, most effectively when he operates on a stunt or twist. Good instincts to go for the strip when closing from the backside. Would like to see some more varied rush moves; was able to win with pure speed in college but might need more to succeed at the next level. Takes a few snaps per game in coverage, typically as a spy or in shallow zones. However, looks much more natural and fluid when rushing the passer than when working in coverage, where his balance and footwork are clumsier. Might be able to handle some zone responsibilities at the next level but it seems like a waste of his talent as a pass-rusher. Instincts against the run leave something to be desired; doesn’t play with the patience and discipline to funnel runners inside, getting sucked in too easily. Will create holes for opposing ballcarriers to run through with his tendency to try and win the outside with speed. Struggles to diagnose and defend the read-option when given a free release into the backfield. Doesn’t have a lot of sand in his pants to hold up against power when run at. However, does extend his arms and try to get physical with opponents. Flashes the ability to two-gap and shed blocks at the appropriate time. A feared edge rusher with outstanding speed, explosiveness, bend, and balance, he would fit best as an outside linebacker in an odd defensive front and looks like a potential first-round pick.

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