DE Jalyn Holmes, Ohio St.

6’5″ – 283 lbs. – 4.82

Team captain who appeared in eleven games as a freshman, then in every game over the following three seasons to conclude his collegiate career, with a more prominent role in the final two seasons. Big, thickly-built defensive lineman with impressive length. Lines up on both sides of the defensive line, typically in three or four-point stances but at times out of a two-point stance as well; also slides inside to serve as an interior rusher on a regular basis. High-motor lineman whose best chance of working into a pro defensive line rotation will be on the first two downs. Strong enough to generate push against opposing linemen and to hold his ground against power. Length and bulk allows him to two-gap, and also translates to a wide tackling radius and the ability to bring down ballcarriers effectively. Strong, heavy hands to stack and shed, with the ability to ragdoll at times. Has a good motor to chase runners toward the sidelines. Flashes the ability to use twists to make stops near the line of scrimmage, although those can also take him out of position to make stops. Could play with more discipline on the outside. Not a very dynamic pass-rusher; recorded just five career sacks over fifty-one games played. Lacks explosiveness off the line of scrimmage, either in reacting to the snap or in his initial movement, and doesn’t have the elite balance and body control to dip his shoulder and bend the edge consistently. Needs to stop and redirect back inside even when he is able to use his first step to challenge opponents. Just average speed to close when he finds a lane. Consequently, relies more on power than on speed to generate pressure. Able to generate some push with his bull rush, and looks like a bull in a china shop at times when rushing as a three-technique or crashing inside from defensive end. Has some suddenness to his inside moves. Does a good job of chipping backs who are releasing out of the backfield on passing routes. Gets his hands up to contest passing lanes, and has what looks like a huge wingspan as well. Flashes a spin move and the ability to use his hands as an edge rusher. A better prospect than his lack of production would indicate; was part of a very talented, very deep defensive line rotation at Ohio St. and managed to carve out a significant role because of his size, length, power, and motor. Probably not dynamic enough a pass-rusher to start, but looks like a versatile member of a defensive line rotation.

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