DT Deadrin Senat, South Florida

6’0″ – 314 lbs. – 5.16

Redshirted in 2013, then rotated into the defense over twelve games the following year, before starting ten of twelve games played the following season. Was named the team’s defensive MVP the following season, one in which he started twelve of thirteen games played, then earned first-team all-conference honors as a senior. Invited to the Shrine Game. Very squatty, thickly-built defensive lineman with what looks like a maxed out frame. Takes most of his snaps as a nose tackle (right defensive tackle) in his team’s even defensive fronts, but will occasionally slide over to the left defensive tackle spot or take snaps as more of a zero-technique at times as well. Primary value is as a run defender. Was asked to do a lot of two-gapping in college, and has the low center of gravity and natural girth to dig in and hold the point of attack when run at. Does a pretty good job of flowing toward the play side, and can create congestion to clog running lanes. Has very heavy hands to shed blocks; can ragdoll interior linemen at times in order to create opportunities to make stops. Hits like a ton of bricks and can stop forward progress on contact. However, is significantly less valuable on passing downs. Offers just adequate get-off out of his stance, and has a tendency to get upright rather than firing out. When he comes out low, flashes the ability to knife between gaps and force opposing quarterbacks off their spot, but ends too many of his rushes idling near the line of scrimmage because at this point his repertoire doesn’t really include any rush moves or counters. Holds the point of attack better than he uses his bull rush to walk back opposing offensive linemen into the pocket. Could also do a better job of getting his hands up to contest passing lanes, although his lack of length may prevent him from batting too many passes. A pretty straightforward evaluation in that he comes with three years of starting experience, a maxed-out frame with the strength needed to play at the next level, and a clear role, that of a two-down, two-gap run stuffer from the nose tackle spot. Consequently, looks like he could earn some consideration in the mid-rounds of the draft, even though at this point he doesn’t offer very much as a pass-rusher.

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