OG Braden Smith, Auburn

6’6″ – 315 lbs. – 5.22

Started the bowl game in his freshman season, then started thirteen games at right guard and one at right tackle the following season. Reprised his role as the team’s right guard in the following two seasons. Regularly appeared on the SEC honor roll. Tall and seemingly lanky offensive guard with just adequate bulk; carries his weight well, but looks more like an offensive tackle than an interior lineman. Athletic zone blocker with a desirable temperament. Was asked to execute a wide variety of blocks in Auburn’s offense and looks comfortable securing blocks in space. Can pull, hook opponents on the line, or climb up to the second level and secure blocks on linebackers. Gets good extension with his arms to maximize his frame. Has a strong grip and a good work rate to stick with opponents through the whistle. Fires out of his stance low and appears to have above-average power and the ability to generate some push against opposing defenders; however, height can impact his leverage at times, and may not immediately be able to translate his power to the pro level. Physical and aggressive; will take advantage of opportunities to finish opponents with a pancake. Can be too eager to engage and will lower his head and lunge at times, causing him to whiff on opportunities to secure blocks on linebackers at the second level. Comes from a predominantly run-oriented offense, but passing-down fundamentals appear sound. Keeps his head on a swivel in pass protection, although he could slightly improve the speed at which he diagnoses stunts, twists, and additional rushers. Overall pass sets look good. Knee-bender who plays with better balance in pass protection than he does in the run game; arm extension from the run game carries over into his work in pass protection as well. Was able to handle power and avoid being walked back at the college level. Has the athleticism to get out in front of screens. Comes with plenty of starting experience in college football’s premier conference, and the combination of size, intelligence, and athleticism to develop into a starter at the pro level, although some teams may want him to add additional bulk in order to offset his height. Best fit would come in a zone-blocking scheme.

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