OG Isaiah Wynn, Georgia

6’3″ – 313 lbs. – 5.10e

Started one of eleven games as a jumbo tight end in his true freshman season, then eight games at left guard the following year before sliding over to left tackle for the final five games. Started twelve games at left guard in 2016, then all fifteen at left tackle this past season. Despite playing left tackle as a freshman and senior, is shorter than almost all offensive tackles at just under 6’3”; additionally, has very small hands and just average length, which is why he’s being projected to slide back inside at the next level. Very good drive blocker in the run game; the team often ran behind him, and he was also asked to cover ground in order to lead the way on tosses and other off-tackle runs. Was able to knock opposing defensive ends off-balance on contact, and does a good job of keeping his feet churning on contact to generate movement in a phone booth. Gets his arms extended and despite small hands, places them inside effectively and is able to sustain through the whistle. Lack of height work to his advantage in the run game in terms of winning the leverage battle. Has a nasty demeanor and works to finish his assignments. Able to block on angles and drive opponents inside, or seal one defender and climb to the second level to threaten linebackers when leading the way. Can overextend at times. Results in pass protection were impressive at the college level; projected inside more because of his physical limitations than because of any college struggles. Has a very strong lower body to anchor against power and stonewall bull rushers at the line of scrimmage. Impressive extension and grip strength allowed him to prevent pressure. Active with his feet. Keeps his head on a swivel and picks up the appropriate rusher against the blitz. Has some technical issues in his pass sets and kickslide that he was able to overcome with his power and grip strength in college, but may not be able to if asked to play tackle at the next level. Tends to play a little bit upright, rather than bending his knees and getting into his seat. Kickslide doesn’t cover much ground; relies more on his bulk to create a natural obstacle and anchor against opponents than on his ability to get depth and protect the edge. Coming as he does with three years of impressive SEC starting experience at both left tackle and left guard, stands a good chance of being one of the first interior offensive linemen off the board.

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