OG Quenton Nelson, Notre Dame

6’5″ – 325 lbs. – 5.20e

Started eleven games at left guard as a sophomore, then slid over to left tackle in 2016, where he started all twelve games. Moved back to guard as a senior, with Mike McGlinchey taking over on the blindside. Team captain. Has solid height and a very thick frame; your prototypical frame for an inline/man blocking scheme. Probably a pure guard, as he doesn’t appear to have exceptional length. Very tough, physical player who thumps on contact and works hard to stay engaged through the whistle. Fires out of his stance low and can generate push in the run game. Has some power in his hands to jolt defenders on contact. Grip strength is very strong and can control interactions once he’s locked on. Plays the game with nastiness and aggressiveness to finish blocks, smothering opponents who come out too high. Works well on double-team blocks. Has the short-area quickness and lower-body strength to chip one defender and recover to block another. Was regularly asked to pull or climb to the second level; gives good effort to secure blocks despite what looks like average athleticism. More comfortable when he’s able to work in a phone booth in pass protection, using his grip and anchor strength to stonewall opponents. Has the thickness and lower-body strength to hold up against the bull-rushes of nose tackles. Bends his knees and keeps his back straight and his head up when engaging; however, will occasionally end up on the ground if he’s beaten by quickness off the snap and has to lunge in order to disrupt an opponent. Gets good extension with his arms. Doesn’t always make it look pretty but will maximize is length to drive opponents wide of the ballcarrier. Very alert; keeps his head on a swivel in pass protection and will double-team a defender already engaged if he has no one to block. Gets out in front of screens and can engage defenders at the second level. Doesn’t have the eye-popping size or athleticism of some of the top guard prospects in years past, but might be this year’s most consistent, pro-ready offensive line prospect, representing a plug-and-play option who offers the temperament, physicality, power, leadership, and consistency that teams look for in their offensive linemen.

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