OG Skyler Phillips, Idaho St.

6’3″ – 324 lbs. – 5.10

Started five games at left guard and seven games at right tackle as a freshman, then started ten games at right guard the following season. Started five games at right guard, three on the blindside, and one at right tackle as a junior. Sustained a season-ending concussion four games into the 2016 season, which he played at left tackle, then played right guard as a senior. Very wide, thickly-built right guard whose height and length are on the borderline of what’s acceptable for an interior lineman; despite having played some games at tackle in college, doesn’t have the type of height, length, or athleticism to play on the outside at the next level. Plays with a very physical, nasty temperament that will endear him to line coaches. Powerful at the point of attack, with the ability to generate push in a phone booth. Works well on double-team blocks and can clear wide rushing lanes. Despite being much more suited to an inline scheme, has some ability to pull and lead the way when executing zone concepts; has above-average athleticism for his size and works hard to seek out and engage second-level opponents. Able to climb up to linebackers and get in the way. Has issues with balance which crop up often on tape; has a tendency to fall off of blocks or overextend himself in an attempt to reach defenders out of his range. Active in pass protection and will keep his head on a swivel and seek out opponents to block. Has a devastatingly powerful initial punch which can knock defenders off-balance or to the ground; however, has some trouble landing punches in space. Absorbs power easily, dropping an early anchor to stonewall opposing bull-rushers at the line of scrimmage. Has more issues blocking gap-shooting interior rushers, in large part because his team’s offense asked their linemen to play with very wide splits; might be able to use his width to hold up better at the next level when he’s closer to his center and tackle, as he has relatively impressive lateral quickness. Has four seasons of starting experience and the type of bulk and natural power to play at the next level, although he’ll be making a big leap up in the level of competition he’s playing against and may have more success as a run blocker than in pass protection. Looks like a mid-round pick.

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