OG Will Hernandez, Texas-El Paso

6’2″ – 327 lbs. – 5.15

Spent his entire collegiate career at left guard, where he started forty-nine games, earning first team all-conference honors in each of the past two seasons. Very thickly built, with what looks like below-average length. Overall combination of size and power made him an effective run blocker at the college level, and has the physical attributes to translate that success to the next level. Plays with a tough demeanor. Has a strong grip and enough upper-body strength to lock on and control defenders. Doesn’t always keep his feet churning after contact, but exhibits the ability to generate push in the run game, especially when he’s able to block down on an opposing defender’s shoulder. Will take advantages of opportunities to finish opponents and pick up pancake blocks. Gives good effort when pulling and attempting to secure blocks in space, getting the most from what athleticism he has. Overextends and ends up bending at the waist in space. However, does flash the ability to climb up to the second level and disrupt opposing linebackers. Has some issues with balance which cause him to fall off of blocks or mitigate his power. Those issues carry over into his pass protection, where his anchor is slightly less impressive than anticipated; stronger up top than in his lower body. Lack of length allows opponents to get into his pads and generate push with their bull rush; was walked back into the pocket more often than would be expected for a player with his frame. However, for a bigger blocker, was given some difficult assignments, often being asked to help handle outside rushers on bootlegs. Primarily tool in pass protection is his overall thickness, which helps mask his below-average athleticism; didn’t need to be able to cover lots of ground because defenders weren’t able to easily shoot gaps to either side of him. Was able to hold his own when his team played high-quality opponents. Previously had some academic issues and considered leaving football in high school, so passion could be a question. Massive, powerful inline guard prospect with plenty of starting experience and a tough demeanor; has the power to generate push in the run game, and works hard to reach opponents in space. Considered as a potential first-round pick.

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