OG Wyatt Teller, Virginia Tech

6’4” – 314 lbs. – 5.24

Started six games at offensive guard as a freshman despite beginning his collegiate career as a defensive end. Became the team’s full-time starter at left guard the following season, and reprised that role in each of the two subsequent seasons, ending his career with forty-three starts at guard; very durable. Very thickly-built guard who has solid height but what looks like just average length. One of the most powerful players in this year’s draft class; reportedly bench presses well over 400 pounds and squatted 560 pounds in spring training as a sophomore. Played in an inline scheme in college and projects best there at the pro level as well. Able to use his devastating initial punch to knock opponents off-balance or to the ground on a consistent basis. Mauler in a phone booth; once he locks on, it’s over. Has good leg drive after contact and racks up plenty of pancakes; displays the type of killer instinct teams look for in their offensive linemen. Good hand fighter who can toss defenders to the ground like he’s Shawne Merriman and they’re Tila Tequila. Can disrupt opponents with just a glancing blow. Knocks second-level defenders silly with his search pulls. Drops an early anchor in pass protection and can easily absorb opposing bull rushers; stonewalls opponents at the line of scrimmage. Not the most laterally quick offensive lineman but can use his width and power to obstruct their path to the passer and stop them in their tracks at the line of scrimmage. Rarely fooled or caught out of position; very consistent output over his time in the starting lineup. Able to get down in his seat and place his hands accurately, with a strong initial punch and good extension. Could do a better job of keeping his back straight into contact. There are some concerns about his perceived drop-off from his junior year to his senior year; some consider that an indictment of his character. Strictly a guard prospect; overall athletic ability is just average and may struggle to transition to a zone-blocking scheme. Has some of the nastiest tape in this year’s offensive line class, with an excellent combination of size, bulk, power, and aggressiveness which should allow him to become a starter at the next level sooner rather than later. Looked like a man among boys in college and could come off the board as early as the second day if he performs well in interviews.

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